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Assess Your Organization’s Readiness for Digital Transformation

This powerful Digital Readiness Assessment consists of 16 questions designed to gauge digital capabilities in four key areas: content, process, technology and people. The customized Digital Readiness Assessment Report will help you understand specific steps to take to support Digital Transformation.



When content is the mainstay of your business, it’s critical that all teams are enabled to make best use of that content. A comprehensive content strategy provides a framework for handling all content so it can be found, accessed and adapted by your organization as a whole. A strategy leading to well-structured and format-agnostic content increases flexibility to use and reuse content in new ways. Enriching content through metadata enables discoverability of content within your organization and among prospects and customers. Finally, knowing what rights to the content you hold is vital, ensuring compliance with your organization’s intellectual property policy as well as ensuring proper remuneration to rightsholders. 

This section will help you to assess your organization’s Digital Readiness when it comes to Content. To what extent do you agree with the following statements?